About COBA

ABOUT the Central Ohio Bluegrass Association

The Central Ohio Bluegrass Association (COBA) formed in the Columbus, Ohio area in 1978 and was later chartered as a non-profit organization. 

The goal of the club–originally, to promote and preserve Bluegrass in the central Ohio area–has now expanded to include all of Ohio.

Among other activities, COBA sponsors:

  • One summer festival each year with approximately 700 in attendance and growing each year.
  • Meetings, held the first Saturday of each month, November through May featuring two or three bands for a wonderful evening of bluegrass music, good company and good home cooking.
  • COBA meetings are held in the cafeteria of the Big Walnut High School in the Sunbury, Ohio area.
  • Monthly newsletters keeping members informed of bluegrass music in the area.
  • This website.

All of this is supported by membership and donations from those who care about bluegrass music in Ohio.

COBA Membership Dues: $12 single, $18 couple

Mail check or money order, made out to COBA t

Ray Testerman
5858 South Alley
Columbus, Ohio 43230